• Forging of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Producing custom steel forgings since 1983

Ramesh Steel Corporation offers a wide range of open die and closed forgings and allied services. We are a one-stop solution to all your requirements within this field. Established in 1983, which have around 4 decades of experience and are well known in the industry.

We manufacture Fittings and Flanges from billets and ingots according to American Standards ASTM A694/ A105. We use award-winning forging techniques along with our expertise using innovative technology. We make sure that we match the right material and utilize the best forging metallurgy to produce the best products. We can offer an innovative solution through years and research and knowledge of our experienced researches. We never supply any of our product which does not pass the NDT testing reports. We can also perform many other tests as per the client's requirement like hardness, fatigue, tensile, and many others.

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Our services to enhance product durability



All critical or pressure welds are performed by professional welders who are highly qualified under ASME Sec. IX. All longitudinal weld seams are arc welds, which are double submerged.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment

All furnaces are inspected and surveyed yearly to ensure all fittings are treated at accurate temperatures.


Non-destructive testing

We employ a third-party inspection team to perform all tests on the specimen. This eliminates the risks of bias, and quality is assured.

We are able to provide the following forging service.

  • Custom forging of steel- We can forge the steel of various sizes and shapes.
  • Electrical steels- Our expertise allows us to forge various electrochemical devices. This service gives them enhanced durability and performance.
  • Aluminum forging- Making use of infrared technology, we provide cost-effective aluminum forging services for different systems.
  • Copper forging solutions- With over 33 years of experience using copper and metallurgy, we can provide the perfect mixture of performance, cost, and efficiency in the item.
  • Stainless steel forging services- Being the most used grade, we make sure our consumers have optimal benefit.
  • Special alloy forgings- We have the ability to forge different alloys of special elements using our top-of-the-line technological and mechanical systems.


Our goal is to achieve the right fit for our customers. We have helped many clients over the years who wanted help in design and creating the right solutions for specific requirements.

People consider forging as a medieval activity requiring blacksmiths who hammer iron using an anvil. However, forgings has carved the way for several discoveries. Several industrial parts are made from forging allowing it has good longevity and reliability. Many industries around the world look for our capabilities and solutions to assist them. The aerospace industry requires forgings that are highly reliable which don’t fail. Several components parts in jets and aircrafts have to be very durable which allows them to be traced to their origin. With the increasing demands of the aviation industry, the forging institutions have stepped up to meet the challenges and provide them with the right components. We also supply products to transportation, construction, agricultural and medical industries.

Quality of our products and its testing
The quality management system of steel forgings follows the ISO 9001:2015 registered system. This has been followed since 1999, and we follow all the quality systems and processes within its confines. This gives us the opportunity to provide a quality product to all our customers.

Final inspection

All the fittings are checked once before they are shipped. Major joints of fabrication systems are double-checked and signed before they are moved out of the facility.

We ensure that the requirements of the clients are met, and they are completely satisfied using our line of products.

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