Ramesh Steel Corporation has over 37 years of experience in the metal forging industry. Over these years, we have had exceptional industrial leadership. This has enabled us to hire some of the best minds within this space. We believe in assembling a team that is made of hard-working individuals who can provide the best solutions to all types of problems. We can empower our staff with a completive salary and provide an excellent working environment, which has an equal status for all. Our expertise alongside, your determination could be the best solution towards our growth.

What do we offer?

Our company ethics allow us to believe that our staff is our main associate. Our mission is to provide support requirements for the growth of our staff that will benefit both parties. This is why our workforce sticks with us for long periods. This mutual association helps us tie down our clients for many years.

Our staff is never distinguished based on their socio-economic backgrounds, religion, color, or any other distinctions. Each of these individuals has its own rights, and we are very transparent with our work. Apart from providing them with a competitive pay, we thrive to provide the best working conditions for them. Any form of harassment or ragging is strictly prohibited and will lead to serious repercussions for the offender.

We have a few opportunities for individuals to join our ever-growing team. Find the details enclosed below.

Warehouse keeper

We are looking for a hardworking candidate who has 2 years' experience in warehouses. The selected candidate must be able to assist in shipping and unloading different types of merchandise.

  • 2 years experience in warehouse or manufacturing systems.
  • Excellent work ethics and able to direct work to other employees.
  • Assist in loading unloading material from trucks.
  • Sort items and organize them on shelves or racks.
  • Able to clean and maintain the worksite, dust, and mop if needed.
  • Organize the workspace and keep it orderly all the time.
  • Check for any lapses and follow all safety regulations.
  • Experience working with black oxide and shop blasters is a plus.
  • Can perform any other duties if instructed by the manager.
  • Ability to perform operations using forklifts.

Physical requirements

  • Constantly carry or lift over 10-50 lbs of weight.
  • Frequently needed to stand, walk, climb and perform all types of activities.
  • Having a good vision and spotting distant objects is a big plus.

Good pay with added incentives.

Lathe operator (Manual)

We are looking for a dedicated candidate who can operate lathe and other machinery. The applicant should have at least a year of experience operating machines. He should show the equivalent college diploma required to get the job.


  • Operate lathe to perform different types of machining, turning, boring and threading operations.
  • Can perform castings and forgings on metal workpieces.
  • Read several blueprints, designs, instructions, and charts.
  • Ability to constantly maintain and monitor different types of machines.
  • Routine inspection on different machinery and other equipment.
  • Excellent computer and mechanical skills.
  • Position may involve heavy lifting and constant standing and squatting.
  • Perform additional jobs on the work site if required.

Competitive pay with added incentives and paid leave.

Mill/ CNC operator

We are looking for an experienced candidate who can set up and use mills. The ideal candidate will have a key eye for detail and will ensure that the entire system is working properly.

Requirements and Responsibilities.

  • Set up mills and understand the Fanuc controls.
  • 2-3 years experience using lathe or CNC machines.
  • Able to interpret different blueprints and translate the drawings into correct dimensions.
  • Ensure that the CNC machines work following set guidelines.
  • Inspect the machines regularly and oversee their functioning.
  • Makes changes to get better and efficient results.
  • Record and create logs of different machine actions.
  • Experience using a forklift would be a big plus.
  • Good computer skills
  • Attention to detail.

Best salary package in the industry with added incentives.

Industrial maintenance technician/equipment mechanic

We are looking for a dedicated candidate who can repair and troubleshoot different types of industrial equipment. The ideal applicant should have 3-5 years of experience working in the industrial industry.

Responsibilities and physical requirements

  • Fix old machinery and help troubleshoot new machinery.
  • Can interpret electrical schematics and equipment such as voltmeters, ammeters, etc.
  • Help in installing high voltage equipment.
  • Schedule maintenance breaks and solve problems.
  • Recommend changes to structures and work to improve the functionality of the operation.
  • Follow safety precautions and wear all safety apparatus.
  • Require little to no supervision and able train new employees.
  • Able to work in a manufacturing environment.
  • Can lift heavy weights up to 50 pounds.
  • Ability to work in extreme conditions with long periods of standing and bending.
  • Must have normal hearing and vision.

Good pay with added incentives.

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