Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our company is one of the leaders in the forging industry in the country. We thrive to produce the best products. This is done utilizing cutting-edge technology and making use of the best raw materials.

All our products from the start to the end are quality tested and build under the careful guidance of our experienced workforce. Our staff complies with all industry standards and guidelines set by various institutions. We believe in quality over anything, so we have heavily invested in the best machinery to help us build the best in the market products.

Below are a few machines and procedures we follow while producing a wide range of products.

Plate rolling
One of our specialized devices is the plate roller. This equipment is used to roll sheet metal in conical or round shapes. The machine we use uses multiple rollers to shape the steel in different parameters. The process corrects the alignment and corrects the wrong edges produced during the initial processes. The material, which is built from this process, is widely used across several stress-induced applications.

Our products are heat treated in special furnaces. These structures are periodically inspected and calibrated to the correct requirements. This helps in building modules, which are very strong and highly versatile.

Machine press
These systems are utilized to shape metal by applying pressure and torque on it. Several types of presses utilize high pressures to shape the entire product. The process hardens, and press tightens different properties within the ring metal.

A lathe is a machining tool that is predominantly used in shaping the surface of the metal body. The main aim of these tools is to remove unwanted material from the metal and leaving behind a smooth-shaped surface. Its accuracy is high in comparison to other tools performing similar functions. The machine can be used for shaping, drilling, sanding, cutting, deformation, etc. Their versatility allows it to be a tool, which is hard to beat.

In the past most metals used to be cut manually however, our rapid advancements have allowed us to have some of the best-automated saws. These saws help cut through metal easily. They separate these components into two or more pieces depending on the requirement. They leave behind a smooth cut that doesn’t facilitate stress or bow on the metal.

ID and OD welders
We have hired some of the best fabricators within the industry. They possess the required license prescribed by ASME Sec. IX. The welders utilize the best tools to strongly bind together different pressure modules together. These leak-proof welds are highly reliable and don’t break off easily.

We can hammer metal components either manually or automatically. The automated hammering machines provide an accurate repetition with the impact fastening process, which is user-friendly. This enables it to precisely shape the metal.

Quenching tanks
These tanks are used to quench modules as they are heated at temperatures, which are bigger than normal conditions. This is above its recrystallization level and lower than its melting point. This helps in cooling down the metal, which enables it to adjust its mechanical properties. The material after it is passed through this process is more durable and possesses superior tensile strength.

Fabrication shop
We have a designated fabrication shop where all your items can be custom-designed as per your choices and requirements.

Cutting table
Our staff utilizes specialized cutting tables to cut and fabricate different products. These tables are very stable allowing the entire cycle to be very smooth.

In-house QA and QC
We consider it our moral responsibility to perform all quality checks to ensure that we prevent any mistakes and defects in our products. We have a team that checks each item from the start of the cycle until the time it is shipped. Our institution periodically hires firms to go through all our products.

After all the processes are complete, we direct the products to the painting station. Coating or painting a product gives it enhanced protection against corrosion and several other contaminants.

We have a dedicated fleet of logistics trains that help in transporting the items from our workstation to the consumer. All necessary precautions are taken that the product, which leaves our factory, is similar to the one, which the consumer receives.

Our firm also provides shot-blasting services. This system is designed to clean, strengthen or polish the existing metal. It also helps in checking any defects or faults within the system.

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